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Family-Based Petitions in Illinois and Throughout the U.S.

An immigration law attorney is an invaluable resource for anyone who is seeking a green card. First, he or she must determine the best and fastest way for each person to obtain his or her legal permanent resident status. Each case has its own unique circumstances and needs to be handled carefully.

At Reyna Law Office, P.C., we provide comprehensive legal guidance in immigration matters for families. Attorney Mary Helen Reyna understands how important it is for each client who has immigrated to receive his or her green card as soon as possible. In addition, the attorneys and staff at Reyna Law Office, P.C. understand the stress and obstacles involved with being an undocumented person in the U.S. Each client requires his or her own legal strategy.

Family-Based Visas

An individual who is a spouse, unmarried child under the age of twenty-one, or parent of a United States citizen who is twenty-one years of age or older is considered an immediate relative for the purpose of applying for a green card. Certain other people who are related to United States citizens are also eligible to apply for green cards. A fiancee overseas can also obtain a visa to marry here in the United States. If an individual already has a green card, his or her unmarried child, spouse, or other family member, may be able to apply for one, too. Ms. Reyna has a detailed understanding of the requirements for applying for a green card through a family member and she applies that knowledge to each client’s case.

Support for Sponsors

A person who is sponsoring a family member for the purpose of helping him obtain a green card needs immigration law support as well. A sponsor must be able to demonstrate that they can financially support the person that he or she is sponsoring. It is imperative that the sponsorship is handled correctly. There are several factors to consider in becoming a sponsor. In some cases a co-sponsor is needed.

The rules regarding green card sponsorship can be complicated and difficult to understand. Ms. Reyna aims to make these rules accessible by helping each potential sponsor understand how the rules apply to him or her. This includes helping the potential sponsor assess whether sponsorship or some other path to a green card will work best for the person who is trying to get his green card.

Serving the Family-Based Immigration Law Needs of Illinois Communities

Every immigration law client has unique needs and the goal of Reyna Law Office, P.C. is to satisfy the specific goals and priorities of each client. When an immigrant wants to apply for a green card, the family-based path is just one option out of many from which he might choose. Reyna Law Office, P.C. can help each individual decide which method of obtaining a green card is most likely to be successful. Contact us at 630-759-0101. We serve clients in Will and DuPage Counties but can represent clients throughout Illinois and the United States.

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