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People from all over the world come to the United States with the hope of living the American dream and providing a better life for their families. Unfortunately, coming to America is not always easy, as the immigration process is both complex and highly challenging.

Illinois immigration law attorney Mary Helen Reyna understands how important it is for each immigrant to be able to access the legal advice and support that he or she needs in order to accomplish their unique immigration goals. With this in mind, Reyna Law Office, P.C. offers dedicated and comprehensive legal representation for many types of immigration law matters.

The Immigration Process

Each person who comes to America from another country either intends to remain here or intends to return to his or her home country after a temporary stay. A person who intends to stay in the United States permanently must obtain an immigrant visa and follow the steps that lead towards permanent residency or citizenship. There are multiple ways to obtain an immigrant visa, including employment visas, spousal visas, family-based visas and more.

Reyna Law Office, P.C., provides representation in the following:

Ms. Reyna understands the similarities and differences between the various types of visas that are available to immigrants and non-immigrants. She can help each immigrant understand which visa options may work best for them and help them obtain the visa of their choice.

Issues Related to Immigration

Ms. Reyna knows that each immigrant who comes to the United States faces many potential legal issues once they are here. Laws pertaining to immigrants can be confusing and complicated. As such, each client deserves high quality representation from a compassionate and seasoned immigration attorney who is dedicated to helping them understand the rules that apply to their situation as well as the options that they have available to them.

Reyna Law Office P.C. provides many immigration-related services, such as hardship waivers, reentry, and deportation and removal defense. Ms. Reyna also understands that some immigrants encounter legal issues that are not directly associated with immigration laws but can have immigration-related consequences. When an immigrant is accused of a crime such as driving under the influence of alcohol, theft, or assault and battery, she can defend him or her against the criminal charges and the immigration-related consequences thereof. In so doing, Ms. Reyna seeks an outcome that minimizes the overall negative impact on the client’s life in light of his or her priorities. The same principle applies in family law cases, because an immigrant may become involved in divorce, paternity, or other types of legal actions which can have repercussions that may affect their immigration status.

Comprehensive Immigration Law Services in Bolingbrook

Each immigrant has unique needs, and the goal of Reyna Law Office, P.C. is to address them, whatever they may be. Whether someone is seeking an employment visa, relief from deportation, or some other outcome related to immigration, Reyna Law Office, P.C. can help. Contact us at 630-759-0101.

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