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Reyna Law Office, P.C. serves the unique legal needs of those who have immigrated to the United States and face legal challenges, whether those challenges arise out of immigration-related issues, criminal charges, family law matters, or traffic violations that threaten the person’s ability to drive legally. Attorney Mary Helen Reyna understands that people who immigrate to the United States, either alone or with their families, may have unique legal needs because they are affected by federal laws pertaining to immigration, as well as the general federal laws of the United States and the laws of each state.


Immigrants are a vital part of communities because they bring diversity and a unique perspective with them, enhancing the vitality of the area. Unfortunately, many immigrants encounter legal difficulties along their paths to citizenship, which may put their dreams of remaining in the United States at risk.

Ms. Reyna uses her legal skills to help immigrants with the various issues that arise throughout the immigration and citizenship process. Ms. Reyna is a highly skilled and experienced immigration lawyer who can provide guidance with the following:

Criminal Law and Traffic Violations

A criminal complaint lodged against an immigrant, undocumented or one with legal permanent resident status, could permanently impact any potential immigration relief. In addition to criminal penalties, such as fines or jail time, an immigrant may also face deportation. It is imperative that an immigrant charged with a crime, no matter how small, consult with an attorney before entering a plea or accepting an offer. Mary Helen Reyna is regularly called upon by other criminal attorneys in this regard.

Ms. Reyna recognizes there are legal issues that seriously impact immigration status, such as criminal traffic matters. Ms. Reyna provides guidance for criminal law and traffic crimes, including DUIs and drivers license reinstatement, TVDLs, and restricted driving permits.

On January 27, 2013, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed Senate Bill 957 into law which allowed undocumented residents of the state of Illinois to obtain a temporary visitor driver's license (TVDL). Still, the process is not flawless and often individuals are not able to get a driver's license quickly due to errors on driving records or long wait times for a driver's license application appointment. Many undocumented Latinos have common names and this too creates confusion and frustrations for both the applicant and the Secretary of State's office. The attorneys at Reyna Law Office, P.C. are familiar with the process and can help clear up the situation to pave the way to a driver's license.

Family Law

Family issues can often be contentious, and having an advocate for your wishes in the courtroom can make all the difference, especially if one or both of the parties are immigrants. Latinos in family court often require an advocate who understands the culture, language, and the special circumstances that need to be considered. Ms. Reyna provides knowledgeable and compassionate representation in family law matters, which include:

Through her experience, Ms. Reyna has worked as an advocate for children and families in Illinois facing difficult decisions that affect many areas of their lives.

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Regardless of their immigration status, Ms. Reyna embraces the opportunity to provide compassionate and results-oriented legal representation her clients deserve. Ms. Reyna helps each client to understand his or her rights and the options available to them. For immigration clients, Ms. Reyna maintains the additional focus of reducing or eliminating negative immigration consequences as part of the resolution of the underlying legal matter.

When a person faces serious legal challenges, it is difficult to find representation that focuses on the big picture. At Reyna Law Office, P.C., Ms. Reyna understands how different legal matters have the potential to have far greater consequences, especially if those individuals are in the process of becoming residents or citizens of the United States. Please contact Reyna Law Office, P.C. at 630-759-0101 so we may advocate on your behalf quickly and efficiently.

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