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In certain types of legal proceedings, such as those involving child welfare, child support, visitation, custody, education expenses, or parentage, Illinois courts may appoint a Guardian ad Litem (GAL) to represent the best interests of the child. The State of Illinois requires mediation in cases involving child custody, and many divorce cases are also resolved through mediation. In cases where a GAL has been appointed or where mediation will take place, it is highly recommended that each party seek representation from an experienced family law attorney. Therefore, it is advantageous to have an attorney on your side who has experience as both a GAL and a mediator. Reyna Law Office, P.C. provides both GAL and mediation services

Illinois family law attorney Mary Helen Reyna has the skills and experience necessary to effectively represent families who need a GAL on their side. Ms. Reyna provides a down to earth approach which gives clients peace of mind when matters which require a child representative come about. Likewise, Stephanie Ates provides mediation services in Will County. Ms. Ates provides clients with a straight-forward approach to what it means to compromise with a win-win result.> You can county on Reyna Law Office, P.C. to provide effective counsel when you need it most.

Guardian ad Litem Cases

When an Illinois court appoints a GAL in a case involving a question of custody, child welfare, visitation, or child support, he or she will be an attorney or some other court appointed advocate whose role in the case is to discern and represent the child’s best interests.

A GAL fulfills his or her responsibilities by:

  • Observing the child in various situations and spending time with him or her so that they can understand who the child is and what he or she wants and needs;
  • Spending time with the child’s parents to develop perspective about whether and how the child’s needs are being met; and
  • Sharing his or her findings and recommendations with the court.

Each party in a case in which a GAL has been appointed can benefit from retaining an experienced family law attorney who is familiar with the role and duties they must play. Ms. Reyna knows exactly how to successfully work with a GAL to achieve the goals of each family law client.


Illinois cases involving child custody, as well as many divorce cases where there are no children, often go through mediation. Mediation gives each party the opportunity to work with the other party in coming to an agreement regarding custody, visitation, property division, and any other issues that are present in their case rather than having a resolution of the matter be dictated by court order.

Mediation can often provide a person with results that more closely match their goals and objectives than a court ordered resolution would because the parties, not the judge, create the agreements. However, in order to reap the benefits of mediation, it is important that each party be represented by a family law attorney. The mediator is a neutral party, so during a mediation, they are unable to offer advice to either party. Ms. Reyna can offer legal advice clients require during mediation, including educating the client about the possible legal consequences of proposed agreements.

Guardian ad Litem and Mediation Services in Will County

Each family law client has unique needs, especially in cases where a GAL has been appointed or where mediation will take place. The goal of Reyna Law Office, P.C. is to provide the strongest representation possible for clients throughout Will and DuPage Counties. Contact Reyna Law Office, P.C., at 630-759-0101.

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