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It can be difficult to do many things without a driver’s license. A person may have a hard time finding gainful employment, attending classes, or being able to make it to important appointments. Undoubtedly, a driver’s license makes accomplishing what you want to do much easier.

Attorney Mary Helen Reyna fully understands the serious ramifications of losing one’s license because she has represented many clients facing such circumstances. She has helped immigrant clients obtain driving privileges after facing criminal or traffic offenses, and she works diligently to obtain restricted driving permits for those eligible to receive them. When a person has become eligible for reinstatement of their driver’s license following a period of suspension, Reyna Law Office, P.C. can help them get their license back.

Driver’s License Reinstatement

Driver’s license reinstatement is available after the required period of suspension has elapsed and any additional requirements have been completed. Depending upon the nature of the offense that caused an individual’s license suspension, these requirements may include drug and alcohol evaluation, education, or substance abuse treatment; follow-up care; payment of fees and fines; and other requirements. Ms. Reyna is highly familiar with the Illinois driver’s license reinstatement process and, as such, helps each client seeking license reinstatement to achieve their desired result as soon as possible.


In Illinois, foreign nationals who do not have visa status can obtain a temporary visitor driver’s license, or TVDL. Retaining an immigration law attorney is the best way for an individual to work through the TVDL appointment and application process. It is also ideal for helping immigrants obtain a TVDL without encountering unnecessary delays or obstacles along the way.

Restricted Driving Permits

If a person will experience an extreme hardship as a result of complete suspension of their driving privileges, they may be able to pursue partial restoration of driving privileges on a restricted driving permit. A restricted driving permit can enable a person to:

  • Drive to the treatment place that is required as part of their license suspension;
  • Drive to work;
  • Drive to appointment for medical care for themselves and others in their family; and
  • Transport themselves and others in their household to school or daycare.

Some drivers whose licenses are suspended may not be eligible for restricted driving permits, such as those whose licenses have been suspended for subsequent DUIs or who have been convicted of certain motor vehicle-related offenses. Ms. Reyna helps drivers who need restricted driving permits to pursue and obtain them whenever possible.

Serving the License-Related Needs of Drivers in Illinois

Each client has unique needs related to their driving privileges. Accordingly, the goal of Reyna Law Office, P.C. is to maximize our clients’ chances of obtaining or retaining their driving privileges in the U.S. We serve clients throughout DuPage and Will Counties. To learn more, contact Reyna Law Office, P.C. at 630-759-0101.

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